• Welcome to the Continuing Professional Development website

    for 2015-2016


    This is the Continuing Professional Development website for OISC regulated immigration advisers. We are confident that you will find this website to be of considerable assistance in fulfilling your CPD requirement.

    You will be able to record the CPD activity you have undertaken during the year and to monitor your progress through the statistics provided. You will also have access to the OISC on-line immigration and asylum courses that are provided free of charge.  Web-links are provided to a small number of on-line course providers to assist you in completing your non-core CPD.

    The CPD Guidance Booklet contains all the information you need to ensure compliance with Code 23 of the Code of Standards and is available on the OISC website.

  • To assist you with your CPD we are pleased to offer, free of charge, access to our OISC core knowledge courses. These courses are not compulsory and are provided for you to take if you choose to.

    Each course has been allocated a certain number of CPD hours and this is specified in the course introduction. The hours will be automatically recorded in your statistics on passing the associated quiz. You are allowed 3 attempts to pass each quiz and the hours can be allocated only once in a 12 month period.

    An accessible version of each course is available.

    Access to the courses is through any modern browser: Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Firefox, Chrome or Safari released in the last 12 months. If you have IE11 and are unable to open the courses, it is recommended that you switch to IE10 temporarily. This can be done by following these steps:span>

    1. Once the course loads, press F12 to load development tools.
    2. Go to the Emulation tab (Ctrl+8)
    3. Change Document Mode from “Edge” to “10”
    4. This will reload your course and the screen reader link should then be displayed
    5. You can close the development tools.

        Core knowledge is divided into 4 areas:

        1. All Levels. The professional conduct course is applicable to advisers at all levels.
        2. Basic courses focus on basic immigration applications, particularly those made within the immigration rules. They cover the criteria stipulated by the Immigration Rules and EEA Regulations.
        3. Intermediate courses focus on exceptional and complex applications that fall outside of the Immigration Rules and are dealt with under concessionary policies e.g. overstayers and illegal entrants.
        4. Advanced courses focus on the preparation of appeals in the Immigration Courts. Advisers are recommended to complete intermediate courses before attempting these.